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Elgi Electric


BTS Advantages:

  • Can be installed in the existing layout (both Building and Machinery)
  • Interface any roving and ring frame.
  • Contact less Bobbin Transport.
  • No Mix-up of yarn counts.
  • Technology Up gradation.
  • Man Power Reduction.


  • Constant Production for long duration time.
  • Advantage of extremely simple system forbobbin transporting.
  • Full digital control
  • Suitable for fine and medium counts.
  • Light weight (24 kgs or 53 Lbs) - suspends on non-metallic duct without need for bulky floor support


  • Manual Bobbin Transporting System.
  • Closed Loop Bobbin Transporting System.
  • Automatic Block Creeling Type System

Automatic Storage Type Bobbin Transporting System


The train of bobbins are automatically transported from speed frame tothe storage area and respective ring frame by selecting the appropriate program in the PLC. Empty bobbins in the ring frame aremanually interchanged with full bobbins from BTS by tte operator and empty bobbins are Transported back to speed frame automatically

General Technical Details:

  • Total Length = L = Unlimited.
  • Transport Speed = V = Upto 16 meter per minute.
  • Pitch of the bobbin = P = 150 mm to 210 mm ( varies depends on bobbin wound diameter & types)
  • Bobbin Exchanger pitch = PE = 660 mm.

Automatic Closed Loop Bobbin Transporting System


Bobbins are transported by end - less (CLOSED LOOP) railingsystem, which is routed between ring frames and eventually interface to the flyer via bobbin exchanger that feeds the full bobbins. An endless train is continuously running around the spinning frame. Inthis method, the trains will move slowly through the railing and the empty bobbins is changed with full bobbin in the ring frame creelrandomly wherever/whenever required.

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