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Saurer Textile Components


Product Description

  • Precision needle bearings with high-load bearing capacity

Differentiation Factors/ Costumer Benefit

  • Absolutely quiet and precise running behavior
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Smooth and jolt-free start-up
  • Ideal running behavior of all bottom rollers
  • No edge running of the needles in sagging roller stands due to crown-ground outer rings
  • Dependable sealing of bearing against fiber fly and dirt

Models/ Types

  • Central guidance through central holding lug of locating cap for matching recess in roller stand
  • Lateral guidance through inside fixing at roller stand by means of lateral lugs of locating cap
  • Die-cast caps with locating clip for lateral guidance
  • UL 28/30/32/36/40/45

Product Incharge Pranjali
Contact: +91 (731) 4222442
Email Id: indore@t4india.com