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Ring Spinning Tubes

Light Weight, Strong & Thin - Innovative Design Carbon Steel Ring Bobbins.

  • Weight of 8 to 14 gms and lower against standard tubes of around 42 gms.
  • Wall Thickness of 0,5mm to 0,8mm against standard tubes of around 2,5mm


  • Cop content gain upto 55% and therefore production gain as average speed increases.
  • Reduce ring dia upto 4mm and get power saving upto 11%, plus some gain in production.
  • Instant Gain in Production by 11.5% with 4mm ring switch
  • Power Saving Upto 8%for same cop content
  • Hard Waste saving percentage
  • Ring frame efficiency percentage
  • Efficiency Improvement in Ring Spinning and Auto Coner upto 2,5%


  • Improvement in Efficiency of Auto Coner on account of large input bobbins
  • Opportunity to reduce the Ring Dia upto 4 mm and save upto 10% Power
  • Opportunity to run higher speeds with still lower Dia Rings
  • Lower load on Spindle and hence longer spindle life
  • Lower stress on spindle belt/tape and hence longer spindle tape life
  • Fully recyclable
  • Futuristic Material

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