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An intelligent energy management system, is designed to reduce energy consumption, improve the utilization of the system, increase reliability, predict electrical system performance, generate records & optimize energy usage to reduce the cost.

Greenergy fully complies with the main objective of ISO 50001 standard to continuously improve energy consumption performance and to identify energy reduction opportunities.


  • Most recent polled data for all meters can be seen in configurable list view pattern.
  • Real time data acquisition over RS-485 MODBUS.
  • Compatible with all Power/Energy meters with RS 232 /485 communication port.
  • It records all electrical parameters such as : 3 phase voltage, line voltage, current, Power factor, KW, KVA, KWH, KVAH,V-THD, I – THD.(This parameter may vary as per meter make & model)
  • Multiuser, multi-location accessibility for dashboard.
  • It supports dual source meters.
  • Reading for a specific period can be measured accurately.
  • It continues monitoring of all types of loads.


  • Low system resource requirements & run efficiently on any computer
  • Simple, Intuitive and interactive user interface
  • Supports wired as well as wireless network modules
  • Programmable data logging interval
  • Simple, scalable & versatile
  • Being modular system, it allows you to pick and pay for your exact requirement.


  • Enhance productivity
    • Removes manual errors, saves time and provides 100% accurate readings.
    • Maintains reliability & authenticity

  • Ensure Energy Efficiency
    • Helps to conduct energy accounting and energy balancing
    • Performs cost benefit and ROI analysis through accurate data.

  • Improve the quality of maintenance
    • Quantifies losses.
    • Plans preventive maintenance schedules based on actual running time.

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