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Soft Package Winder

Reshmi Dye package winder’s efficient, ergonomic design significantly reduces man power, space requirement and physical strain during operation as opposed to a conventional dye package machine. Engineered with high operating speeds in mind the sturdy sheet metal structure is stable even at higher speeds.

  • Equipped with Microprocessor Control system for quick response during operation reduces the risk of machine failure or drum stoppage exponentially.
  • The overfeed system ensures error free unwinding of the supply package and delivers even tension yarn to the delivery package.
  • The Ribbon breaking feature avoids pattern zone formation in fine and medium yarn during the winding process.
  • The shogging motion system reduces the shore hardness.
  • The provision for Electronic Yarn Clearer – Accommodates any braded EYC
  • The machine offers a high degree of versatility, it can be adopted for various applications like soft package winding, rewinding, assembly winding and lubrication winding (Pre application winding).

Product Incharge Amita
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